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March is a transition month and a time to stretch and lean into the coming spring. Rainy weather can remind us to cleanse; wind blows away the dust and cobwebs of a long winter, and warmer, sunnier days invoke hope and excitement! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this time of year correlates to the Wood element; a time of anger and frustration as the grasses shoot up through the melting ice. It’s a good time of year for a gall bladder and liver detox, so maybe enjoy some dandelion tea and some yoga! Massage is so beneficial during the change of seasons to help our body’s adjust. And of course, it’s time to start planning our gardens. March is a good time to set intentions for the coming season. My favorite oils this time of year are bright and refreshing: Lemon, Bergamot, Spearmint and Juniper to name a few. Get creative, open your windows, have a breath and ease into the coming spring. Happy blending!

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February invokes a sense of romance, passion and warmth. Evenings by a fire, with a warm beverage, soft blanket and the arms of a loved one. One oil that stands out is Rose (rosa x damascena), a rich floral with a long association with the art of love.

Rose is a Middle-Base note that has deep floral notes, with sweet overtones. Rose has incredible skin healing properties, and is nourishing, soothing and healing. It is a natural perfume that uplifts the spirit and warms the heart. Inhaling Rose can alleviate sadness and support you in times of grief. Rose also has powerful self-love properties; encouraging an open heart, grounding and speaking from a place of authenticity and love.

Rose is very strong and powerful; one drop may be all you need, and it doesn't take much to overpower a blend, so use with caution.

These are very trying times, and it is important to remain grounded and aware of your own potential. Love yourself :) Happy blending!

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The new year represents a fresh beginning, a clean slate, a chance to symbolically start over. I have a few winter oils in my arsenal that I use consistently all season long. I love oils that refresh my space, as well as my mind. I love oils that warm the room, as well as my heart. And I love oils that help me support my inner terrain, and immune system. One of my favorite winter blends features refreshing Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus), piney Siberian Fir (abies sibirica) and earthy Rosemary (rosemarinus offinale) which I blend in a 3% dilution (15-18 drops/carrier ounce) in coconut oil. It is the perfect winter salve for immune support and decongestion. Making your own “ vapo rub” gives such a feeling of connection, without the often toxic chemicals found in over the counter brands.

It’s also a fun time to experiment with warming oils like Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Cardamom and Black Pepper. Pairing with a citrus or floral oil can emote a grounding and warming blend; a perfect accompaniment for the afternoon cup of tea, or meditation. Use with caution as these oils can be sensitizing.

I hope the new year finds you reflecting on who you are and what you need to feel joy and support, inside and out. Happy Blending!

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