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February is a short, but fabulous month, and a great time to tune in to the soothing sensuality of the season. My blend of the month is aromatic and rich, featuring notes of lavender, rose absolute, geranium, sweet orange and clove bud. Perfect for a diffuser blend on a cold winters night, or a spray for the yoga mat for a deep winter stretch. As a topical, it works wonderful for pain and inflammation, as well as soothing the nerves. It also has self love, and antidepressant qualities, so adding some to a linen spray for your favorite blanket or your pillow may help you sleep and restore yourself. The dark winter months can leave us feeling down and blue if we are not careful; so up the ante on the self care. A cup of herbal tea, a good book, a relaxing massage, or a chat with a mental health specialist may help guide you to sunnier days. Take care and keep blooming!

With Love, Erica

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January is the fresh start we all need after the busy holiday season. Taking the decorations down, cleaning the house, refreshing the space all help you to ground and focus. I love using blends in January that re-energize me and support my immune system. I also love making body butters and balms to help nourish and soothe my dry skin. Oils like Helichrysm, Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Spike Lavender support the lungs, the mind and the skin. Jojoba and Almond oil are the carriers of choice for me in winter. I love the consistency and how well they nourish and lock in moisture. Knowing exactly what goes onto my skin gives me a peace of mind and connection to nature.

Massage clients this time of year are also looking for stress and pain relief and I love creating massage oils that suit their needs.

I encourage you to take time this New Years to reflect and unwind. Create yourself a space to reconnect and restore yourself. A cup of herbal tea, a good book, a nice blend in the diffuser…and a Happy New Year indeed.

Cheers and Happy Blending!


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The holiday season represents so many things: the gathering of loved ones, wrapping ourselves in the warmth of a fire or mug of hot cocoa, showing our loved ones how we feel with gifts, and a slowing down of the time, reflecting on the year. I love essential oils that really bring the holiday vibe, including sacred Frankincense, heartwarming Cinnamon, inspiring Sweet Orange, spicy Ginger, zesty Peppermint and inspiring Allspice! Blending or using as a single note fills my space with a powerful reminder to stop and take a breath amidst the hustle and bustle. I also love making skin nourishing butters and balms to soothe my dry skin, or blend up an amazing pain relieving oil for my massage clients. They are beautiful reminders to quiet down, settle in and be grateful.

Happy Holidays and Happy Blending!

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