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Here in the Adirondacks it has been raining heavy for several days, and it is easy to slip into a funk. Grey skies, damp and cold weather and a dreary essence can leave me feeling tired, unmotivated and uninspired. But this year I have decided to embrace these rainy days. Delving into a good book, sipping some soothing herbal tea, wrapping up in a warm quilt….allowing my body and mind to really rest before the busy summer commences. I love diffusing spice oils on rainy days, with a hint of sweet citrus to boost my mood and support my rest. Consider oils like cinnamon and clove, with a hint of sweet orange, or lemon. The combination is inspiring and has so many supportive qualities.

Towards the end of the month, Memorial Day weekend kicks of higher energy, so take the rest when you can!

I wish you all the rest you have earned and a restorative spring!!

Happy Blending!


Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth and the perfect opportunity to freshen your space. Clean out an old closet, donate some old books, and clean out your aromatherapy stock. Toss any old or oxidized oils that are older than 3 years. Wipe down your containers with sanitizing wipes, marry up half used bottles and take inventory. Re-energize your self and your space with a new routine, new yoga practice or take a new route.

The floral oils are wonderful to use this time of year, to reinvigorate your spirit and to keep you grounded as the season changes. Lavender, Hyssop, Rhodoendron, and my all time favorite, Geranium- all pair beautifully to bring s little beauty to you life. Happy Spring, and Happy Blending!

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March is a tempestuous month whose weather can change on a dime (blizzard anyone??) But it is also the gateway to Spring, and a great time to start planning your spring garden, organizing and cleaning out your herbs and aromatherapy oils, and making plans for the nicer weather!

I love using immune supportive and cleansing aromatherapy oils this time of year. With cold, Covid and flu still abound, keeping my space healthy is imperative. I also love refreshing oils that add brightness after the long dark winter. Oils like Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Rosemary are always brewing in my house!

I also love skin nourishing herbal balms for my dry skin, chalk full of emollients and nutrients to help me feel my best. I currently have some dried calendula steeping in jojoba oil for a skin salve I am making! Love this time of year!

I wish you lots of happiness and energy as we expand towards spring. As always, keep blooming, take care and see you soon!

Happy Blending!

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