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August is a special month for me- it is my birthday month! I appreciate it so much more now. As a child I always felt a strange melancholy in August. The golden haze of summer slowly turns yellow as the season moves towards the fall. It meant going back to school and giving up that sweet, and seemingly endless summer freedom. Now I relish that sensation, as we turn towards a slower pace, cooler weather and more restorative atmosphere. But I am learning now to take August as it comes. Celebrating my birthday, instead of dreading it; savoring the tastes of summer: sweet corn, funnel cake from the county fair, and freshly picked raspberries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this time of year represents the earth element. August reminds us to kick off our shoes and ground ourselves to the natural rhythms of the season. To bask in the warm but waning sunlight. To emerge ourselves in cool waters and savor those fleeting moments that make life worth living.

August is a wonderful month to receive bodywork. A therapeutic massage, skin nourishing facial, some restorative energy work or acupuncture….showing your body that you are listening and giving it the care it needs so the transition to fall can be a comfortable one!

Use your aromatherapy to boost yourself as well! Lately I have been relying heavily one Sweet Orange and Lemongrass. These delightful oils have a fruity and sweet scent, but powerful immune support and pain relieving qualities, that my body and mind both need. Change up your diffuser blend, or make yourself a summer skin salve to ease dry skin, and show a little self love.

I wish you a beautiful midsummer and August, and l Iook forward to embracing another spin around the sun. Happy blending!

Summer is in full swing and I love the energy of July! My calendar is filled with work events, baseball games, a family reunion and some travel for work! Im hoping to squeeze in some swimming and kayaking as well!

But with that -it is important to take a few minutes to myself regularly so I dont burn out.

I love anti-fatiguing oils, as well as restorative herbs to help me keep my feet on the ground and body supported.

Oils like Lemongrass, Rosemary and Clary Sage help me feel grounded and stay focused on my tasks- helping me from getting overwhelmed.

Sweet Orange helps me keep a smile on my face as I am on the go, and reminds me to stay in the moment.

At the end of the day I love some Lavender in my diffuser, and a Lemon Balm herbal tea- both acting as a nerve tonic to soothe my frazzled nerves and help me unwind.

Essential oils, herbs and aromatherapy help support me through whatever comes my way!

I hope you have a fabulous July! Happy blending!

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As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, June is a month full of busy awakenings and openings. Graduation celebrations, little league. dance recitals and the opening of summer businesses are busy reminders of the transition of time. I love using oils and herbs that keep me grounded during these bustling times, so tree oils are my “go to”: Cedarwood, Balsam Fir and White Pine are earthy reminders to keep my feet on the ground. These oils/herbs are highly antiinflammatory and wonderful topically for pain relief. I often make a summer blend for my massage clients featuring these powerhouse conifers.

I also love St. John’s Wort- a powerful herb and beautiful flower that is celebrated on June 24th- also my mother’s birthday! SJW renders a gorgeous golden reddish oil when steeped in your favorite carrier and can make a nice pain relieving topical; as a tincture it may also help ease depression.

As June is also the month we celebrate Father’s Day, we are reminded of the sturdiness of a good dad; strong, powerful, grounded- all qualities of the tree oils.

I have included a vibrant blend of the month featuring a bright combo, but I encourage you to experiment with tree oils to enjoy a positively rooted experience! I have also included a bug repelling candle that you can easily make at home!

I hope your transition into the summer months is smooth and joyful!

Happy Blending!

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