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This is my favorite season, for good reason. Cooler weather, crunchy leaves, apple picking, pumpkin pie....the scents of the season are so warming and comforting. Autumn reminds us to slow down and restore ourselves after the hectic energy of summer. It is important to give ourselves rest. An afternoon nap, a cup of herbal tea, a yoga session....all ways to heal ourselves and give our bodies and minds time to restore.

One of my favorite essential oils ever is Cinnamon Leaf. It is warm and familiar and so powerfully therapeutic! I traditionally use it more in a diffuser than topically due to its ability to cause irritation. Blended with citrus oils, or other spices like Cardamom, Allspice or Clove, will bring warmth and energy into your space! Try this Autumn blend for your home diffuser, and enjoy! Happy Blending! -4 drops Cinnamon(cinnamomum aromaticum)

-3 drops Sweet Orange (citrus sinesis)

-2 drops Clove Bud (eugenia caryophylleta)

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The term "Self Care" is having a moment. It is everywhere you look. From commercials, and advertising, to social media, we are drilled with the enlightening messages of the need for self care. As massage therapists, we are taught the importance of good body mechanics, hydration, nutrition and meditation to help our bodies and minds stay in shape. But life often gets in the way and especially this last year many of us are struggling to stay the course. Despite our best efforts, it is easy to fall into unhealthy patterns.

So how do we embrace the concept of self care? Is it grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend? A hot bath and a good book? A yoga class or treating yourself to a massage? Or maybe adding aromatherapy into your daily life. One of my favorite tools when using essential oils is making an inhaler. Inhalers are easy, affordable and can give you some quick respite in the midst of a busy day. Add up to 15 drops of your favorite oil or blend and inhale anytime you need a few minutes. Here is one of my go to blends for "my moment":

-5 drops Ylang Ylang (canaga odorata)

-3 drops Black Pepper (piper nigrum)

-3 drops Clove Bud (syzygium aromaticum)

Add to the cotton wick of an inhaler and enjoy for up to 3 weeks.

These oils blend together for a gorgeous, rich and exotic scent. The warmth of the spice oils, combined with the decadent floral of ylang ylang make it an aromatic experience. This blend also has anti-anxiety properties and may help lower blood pressure and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sometimes, all we can do is enough. Take care and Happy Blending!

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While the internet has changed the world and brought a plethora of information to our fingertips, with this information overload comes false information and misguidance. We've all seen posts and articles of statements on the false benefits of essential oils; or in some cases, overblown stories intended to scare people. It can be overwhelming and confusing, and I often have clients contact me with questions looking for information. So how do we know what is real and what is not?

The key is to consider the source. Where (or from who) is the information coming from? Is their work cited? Does it contain legitimate sources? Are they an aromatherapy professional?

Often when I am researching, I go straight for the sources that I know and trust. The Aromahead Institute, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, The Herbal Academy, the Alliance of International Aromatherapists or the Tisserand Institute. These organizations stand by their research, cite their sources and work in a non-biased, completely professional way. I know their information is correct and validated, giving me confidence.

Sometimes the cacophony of the internet noise drowns out quality information and it's important to research in a meaningful way to ensure safety and quality.

Enjoy the process!


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