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The holiday season represents so many things: the gathering of loved ones, wrapping ourselves in the warmth of a fire or mug of hot cocoa, showing our loved ones how we feel with gifts, and a slowing down of the time, reflecting on the year. I love essential oils that really bring the holiday vibe, including sacred Frankincense, heartwarming Cinnamon, inspiring Sweet Orange, spicy Ginger, zesty Peppermint and inspiring Allspice! Blending or using as a single note fills my space with a powerful reminder to stop and take a breath amidst the hustle and bustle. I also love making skin nourishing butters and balms to soothe my dry skin, or blend up an amazing pain relieving oil for my massage clients. They are beautiful reminders to quiet down, settle in and be grateful.

Happy Holidays and Happy Blending!

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