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April is a bustling month, and Spring is in full swing! Throw open the windows, clean out the closets, and breathe in the fresh air! While Easter is early this year, it kicks the season into high gear. It is essential to keep ourselves grounded and embrace the change.

Professionally, I am on the move! I will be at the AMTA-NY convention in Albany, New York, with a Bloom booth, featuring oils, massage supplies, CE boxes, and more! I also will be presenting for NYSSMMT on April 10th, with a virtual presentation of “Massage & Menopause,” a one-CE live webinar!

I look forward to seeing everyone in May in beautiful Saranac Lake, New York for “Massage and Women’s Health”, my newest CE offering~ 16 CEUS and so much information! My virtual offerings are expanding as well and I look forward to a busy season!

Add some floral oils to your home or office diffuser for a refreshing and uplifting scent: geranium, hyssop, lavender, jasmine and rose are all powerful essential oils and can be utilized safely diluted in a carrier for some topical support as well.

Get outside, enjoy and take care of yourself!

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To me, March is a wild month! The old phrase “Going in like a lion and out like a lamb” is an accurate description. The weather is unpredictable, possibly with cold days and heavy snow. The end of the month can bring warmer weather, sunshine, and snow melt. There is a feeling of excitement at the pending arrival of spring but also frustration and anxious energy with the end of winter. I love blending anxiety-easing and uplifting blends for this time of year to brighten my mood and reflect the lengthening days! Green is a color that resonates (Hello St. Patrick’s Day)- so peppermint (mentha x piperita) is on heavy rotation! I have shared a “Going Green” blend on the blend of the month page, and I have some exciting events coming for the spring. Enjoy this wild month and take care of yourselves!

Happy Blending!


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Deep in the winter months it can be easy to feel sluggish, tired and run down. My own family was walloped with the flu this January, and between heavy work schedules, traveling for my son’s hockey games and “life on the road”, we all feel exhausted and depleted. Thats why I love a good diffuser blend to boost my mood and my immune system. I use my citrus oils to scent my space with fruity sweetness, while supporting a strong immune system. I have been loading up on herbs as well, with elderberry syrup and echinacea tea offering additional support. But sometimes, it comes down to taking a pause and having some rest. It is hard to slow down, but it is necessary, so that we can move into spring refreshed and energized. I have so many esciting events and new courses coming up and I need to be ready! This month I have included an immune support aromatherapy blend, as well as a romantic Valentines blend. Each can be used in a diffuser or safely diluted in a carrier for topical application. I wish you all a happy and healthy mid-winter!  -Erica

Happy blending! Erica

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