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r is a beautiful and restful month that tends to get swallowed up by the pre-holiday hustle. The leaves are turing dark brown and falling, the weather more brisk and the days shorter. I love the "turning in" of November as the year winds down. And of course, my most favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Wrapping myself in the warmth and joy of my friends and family sets the tone for the end of the year. It is also a time to reflect on my goals and accomplishments for the year. I write in my journal and start my vision board for 2024. It is a way for me to check in with myself.

I hope the end of year brings you love, light and solace. Self care in November is imperative to avoid the holiday bustle burnout. Treat yourself to massage or a spa treatment. Take a weekend trip with a loved one. Read a good book with a cup of tea. Diffuse a gratitude aroma blend. Whatever you need to do to thank yourself for a wonderful year and set yourself up for the next. You deserve it.

I am thankful for you!


October is my absolute favorite month of the year! It holds a special place for me personally. My son’s birthday and my wedding anniversary make it a month of celebration and joy. I also love Halloween, carving pumpkins and apple picking! The crisper, cooler weather inspires us to bundle up with cozy sweaters and scarfs, and there is great satisfaction in the crunching of leaves underfoot.

Aromatically, I love bringing out some warming oils, like Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom and Allspice. These spicy oils bring a sweet heat and depth to any blend. Whether you blend for a muscle soothing topical, or a room inspiring diffuser blend, these oils pack a wallop therapeutically. I also encourage you to take some time for self care. Enjoy a nerve tonifying herbal tea, a hot bath soak or schedule a massage! October is a gentle transition to the coming winter, and taking time to nourish yourself is vital. Happy blending!

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I blinked and summer was over! From Memorial Day to Labor Day it has been a whirlwind! I hope you all had a restful and restorative summer!

This is a strange and wonderful time of year when we are bridging the gap between the sunny days of summer and the gloriously gorgeous days of autumn. Nurturing your spirit and prepping your body for the change of seasons is key to feeling your best!

Enjoy an end of summer blend to fill your diffuser, and enjoy my recipe for prepping fire cider! It is never too early to plan for cold and flu season!

Be sure to take care of yourself this fall with some yoga, guided meditation, powerful nutrition and rest! You deserve it!

Happy Blending! Erica

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