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August is such an amazing month and also happens to be my birthday month! This year I turn 40 and it has been a great reminder to take stock in things, and reflect on my gratitude. The late summer warmth, the yellowing of the trees, and the slowing down of pace set the tone for the transition into Autumn. This blend features summery notes with just a touch of earthiness. Gingergrass blends beautifully with citrus oils, and Bitter Orange is a nice change of pace from Sweet Orange. Adding Hyssop rounds out the notes and leaves a beautiful full bodied oil. Added to a diffuser or in a 1% topical dilution (maybe in sunflower oil!), this blend is immune supportive, emotionally uplifting and skin nourishing.

I encourage you to take a few moments to yourself as the season comes to a close. Reflect in gratitude and joy, and prep your body, mind and spirit for the next season. Happy Blending!

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