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Depending on the zone you are in, it may be time to winterize your garden! I live in The Adirondack Park and we are already getting frost at night; so I have begun the process~ Here are some tips for winterizing your garden! *Clear the weeds and branches out of your raised beds. Leaving dead plant material or weeds can cause issues next spring. If weeds have taken over, cover with cardboard to kill them over the winter.

*If your soil is uneven, taking time to level it out now will save you a step next spring! Fill in gaps and rake it even. *Cover your bed with some organic mulch, compost, or leaves to help nourish and protect the soil. *Repair any support structures of your raised beds. *Make a mental note of your latest garden of what worked, and what didn't so you know for next year!

Winterizing your garden ensures good planting next year!


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