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March is a transition month and a time to stretch and lean into the coming spring. Rainy weather can remind us to cleanse; wind blows away the dust and cobwebs of a long winter, and warmer, sunnier days invoke hope and excitement! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this time of year correlates to the Wood element; a time of anger and frustration as the grasses shoot up through the melting ice. It’s a good time of year for a gall bladder and liver detox, so maybe enjoy some dandelion tea and some yoga! Massage is so beneficial during the change of seasons to help our body’s adjust. And of course, it’s time to start planning our gardens. March is a good time to set intentions for the coming season. My favorite oils this time of year are bright and refreshing: Lemon, Bergamot, Spearmint and Juniper to name a few. Get creative, open your windows, have a breath and ease into the coming spring. Happy blending!

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