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Deep in the winter months it can be easy to feel sluggish, tired and run down. My own family was walloped with the flu this January, and between heavy work schedules, traveling for my son’s hockey games and “life on the road”, we all feel exhausted and depleted. Thats why I love a good diffuser blend to boost my mood and my immune system. I use my citrus oils to scent my space with fruity sweetness, while supporting a strong immune system. I have been loading up on herbs as well, with elderberry syrup and echinacea tea offering additional support. But sometimes, it comes down to taking a pause and having some rest. It is hard to slow down, but it is necessary, so that we can move into spring refreshed and energized. I have so many esciting events and new courses coming up and I need to be ready! This month I have included an immune support aromatherapy blend, as well as a romantic Valentines blend. Each can be used in a diffuser or safely diluted in a carrier for topical application. I wish you all a happy and healthy mid-winter!  -Erica

Happy blending! Erica

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