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Spring is such an energetic and exciting time of year. Nature is flexing her wings and expanding and the energy is flowing! I love bright, effervescent oils this time of year, and I always revisit the florals! I love diffuser blends with Geranium, Lemongrass, Hyssop and Lavender. Florals tend to be emotionally supportive and act as tonics to the nervous system. Blending with some bright citruses, like Grapefruit, Mandarin or Sweet Orange can add some immune support and promote joy! Spring is such a great time to throw open the windows and do some cleaning, so making a household cleaner with essential oils adds a natural, earthy and healthy aspect! I love taking pine and balsam needles in a ball jar, covering in white vinegar and letting strep for a month, then I strain and add Spike Lavender and Lemon oil- the smell is heavenly, and it is a powerful cleaner with no toxic chemicals. Have fun with your blending and how to integrate it into your every day life! May your spring be filled with sunshine, flowers and some peace. Happy blending!

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