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March is a tempestuous month whose weather can change on a dime (blizzard anyone??) But it is also the gateway to Spring, and a great time to start planning your spring garden, organizing and cleaning out your herbs and aromatherapy oils, and making plans for the nicer weather!

I love using immune supportive and cleansing aromatherapy oils this time of year. With cold, Covid and flu still abound, keeping my space healthy is imperative. I also love refreshing oils that add brightness after the long dark winter. Oils like Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Rosemary are always brewing in my house!

I also love skin nourishing herbal balms for my dry skin, chalk full of emollients and nutrients to help me feel my best. I currently have some dried calendula steeping in jojoba oil for a skin salve I am making! Love this time of year!

I wish you lots of happiness and energy as we expand towards spring. As always, keep blooming, take care and see you soon!

Happy Blending!

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