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January is quickly becoming my favorite month of the year! I love the quiet calm that follows a busy holiday season, and I am a huge fan of resolutions, setting goals and enjoying a clean slate! The New Year offers so many possibilities and 2024 is already lining up to be my busiest yet! I will be offering several in-person massage trainings, partaking in a booth at this year’s AMTA-NY conference in Albany, NY, and am honored to be a guest speaker at the Alliance for International Aromatherapists in Nashville, TN in September!

That said, my need for self care will be stronger than ever. It will be imperative that I nourish my body, rest my mind and pamper myself with massage and holistic aromatherapy.

My wish for your 2024 is that you are the best version of yourself, and that you make caring for your wellbeing a priority. You deserve nothing less. Happy New Year!

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