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February invokes a sense of romance...

February invokes a sense of romance, passion and warmth. Evenings by a fire, with a warm beverage, soft blanket and the arms of a loved one. One oil that stands out is Rose (rosa x damascena), a rich floral with a long association with the art of love.

Rose is a Middle-Base note that has deep floral notes, with sweet overtones. Rose has incredible skin healing properties, and is nourishing, soothing and healing. It is a natural perfume that uplifts the spirit and warms the heart. Inhaling Rose can alleviate sadness and support you in times of grief. Rose also has powerful self-love properties; encouraging an open heart, grounding and speaking from a place of authenticity and love.

Rose is very strong and powerful; one drop may be all you need, and it doesn't take much to overpower a blend, so use with caution.

These are very trying times, and it is important to remain grounded and aware of your own potential. Love yourself :) Happy blending!

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