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February is a short, but fabulous month, and a great time to tune in to the soothing sensuality of the season. My blend of the month is aromatic and rich, featuring notes of lavender, rose absolute, geranium, sweet orange and clove bud. Perfect for a diffuser blend on a cold winters night, or a spray for the yoga mat for a deep winter stretch. As a topical, it works wonderful for pain and inflammation, as well as soothing the nerves. It also has self love, and antidepressant qualities, so adding some to a linen spray for your favorite blanket or your pillow may help you sleep and restore yourself. The dark winter months can leave us feeling down and blue if we are not careful; so up the ante on the self care. A cup of herbal tea, a good book, a relaxing massage, or a chat with a mental health specialist may help guide you to sunnier days. Take care and keep blooming!

With Love, Erica

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