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This time of year is so special; the magic of the holidays, the beauty of the season, the falling snow....The end of the year is a time of gratitude, joy and settling in for a long winter. The hustle and bustle can wear us down though, and the shorter days can lend to melancholy feelings. I love incorporating essential oils into my winter regime. Whether as a warming diffuser blend, a winter body lotion or steeping some herbs in a pot to scent the room, aromatherapy can help support us during these months. I encourage you to get creative, and experiment with an oil or two you are unfamiliar with. It is also a great time to set your intention for the coming year, and oils like Clary Sage (salvia sclera), Spike Lavender (lavendula latofolia), and Rosemary (rosmarinus officialis) can help support focus and devotion. The holidays also instill a feeling of tradition and spiritual introspection, so classics like Frankincense (boswellia carterii) and Myrrh (commiphora myrrha) warm our spirits, support us emotionally and connect us to our deeper selves. Enjoying aromatherapy in the winter can also keep us connected to nature when the plants are buried beneath the snow, and remind us to take some time for ourselves.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, a blessed winter and as always, happy blending!


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