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August is a special month for me- it is my birthday month! I appreciate it so much more now. As a child I always felt a strange melancholy in August. The golden haze of summer slowly turns yellow as the season moves towards the fall. It meant going back to school and giving up that sweet, and seemingly endless summer freedom. Now I relish that sensation, as we turn towards a slower pace, cooler weather and more restorative atmosphere. But I am learning now to take August as it comes. Celebrating my birthday, instead of dreading it; savoring the tastes of summer: sweet corn, funnel cake from the county fair, and freshly picked raspberries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this time of year represents the earth element. August reminds us to kick off our shoes and ground ourselves to the natural rhythms of the season. To bask in the warm but waning sunlight. To emerge ourselves in cool waters and savor those fleeting moments that make life worth living.

August is a wonderful month to receive bodywork. A therapeutic massage, skin nourishing facial, some restorative energy work or acupuncture….showing your body that you are listening and giving it the care it needs so the transition to fall can be a comfortable one!

Use your aromatherapy to boost yourself as well! Lately I have been relying heavily one Sweet Orange and Lemongrass. These delightful oils have a fruity and sweet scent, but powerful immune support and pain relieving qualities, that my body and mind both need. Change up your diffuser blend, or make yourself a summer skin salve to ease dry skin, and show a little self love.

I wish you a beautiful midsummer and August, and l Iook forward to embracing another spin around the sun. Happy blending!

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