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Here in the Adirondacks it has been raining heavy for several days, and it is easy to slip into a funk. Grey skies, damp and cold weather and a dreary essence can leave me feeling tired, unmotivated and uninspired. But this year I have decided to embrace these rainy days. Delving into a good book, sipping some soothing herbal tea, wrapping up in a warm quilt….allowing my body and mind to really rest before the busy summer commences. I love diffusing spice oils on rainy days, with a hint of sweet citrus to boost my mood and support my rest. Consider oils like cinnamon and clove, with a hint of sweet orange, or lemon. The combination is inspiring and has so many supportive qualities.

Towards the end of the month, Memorial Day weekend kicks of higher energy, so take the rest when you can!

I wish you all the rest you have earned and a restorative spring!!

Happy Blending!


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