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Normally this time of year I like to feel inspired by certain oils that create an exciting, happy space. But lately the theme of grief seems so much stronger. So in times of deep reflection and sadness I like to turn to Frankincense. Latin name boswellia carterii, Frankincense has a deep resinous scent, almost “balsamic” in nature. It’s a middle/top note oil with earthy undertones. Renowned for millennia (and mentions in historical and biblical texts) for its healing and symbolic spirit, Frankincese evokes a grand presence. But is also offers soft comfort. It has powerful wound healing capabilities (both physical and emotional), supports the immune system, calms inflammation and eases headaches. Frankincense is a meditative oil that encourages us to reflect inward and embrace our grief and sadness, so that we may move gently of it when the time is right.

“The only cure for grief, is to grieve”-Earl Tollman

Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser, or add to a topical blend in a 2% dilution (10-12 drops/ounce of carrier oil or lotion).

Be peaceful and happy blending.

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