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Cartwheel into Summer....

Memorial Day is a reverent and beautiful reminder of the sacred sacrifice people made to ensure freedom and safety. I love to take a few moments of silent gratitude for those lost in battle who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day weekend is also the unofficial start of summer and the season evokes images of graduation caps, school field trips and picnics! I love throwing open my windows, dusting off my patio furniture and planting my garden. This year I have decided on more herbs and less vegetables, as the growing season in Blue Mountain Lake, New York is short, and herbs are easier to manage! Plus they make amazing massage oil!

I hope your summer is filled with fun events, warm weather, beach days and BBQs. I also hope you get some down time. Summer, albiet fun and busy, can often leave me feeling depeleted by the time September comes a long. Summer goes so fast, it is important to replenish your own self care coffers. Drink some herbal tea, read a book in a hammock, take a nap on the back porch and take care of your skin with good skin care and sun protection. Schedule yourself a summer massage session to ensure you get some quality down time to restore. This month's aroma blend is designed to elate your spirit while keeping you focused and relaxed.

Keep blooming!

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