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Updated: Mar 11, 2021


I once read an article where an author stated that if people are only using essential oils for a nice scent, then they are not using them properly. It stuck me deep. Is that true? Must we use essential oils therapeutically to reap the benefits? Does it count as aromatherapy if we only diffuse something because of the way it smells?

I disagree. We know that one of the most powerful methods for enjoying essential oils is via olfaction. Scent has a powerful effect on our limbic system, which houses our memory and emotion. If we inhale the aroma of something we love, even without knowing its therapeutic components, the effect is no less therapeutic.

Think of your favorite scents. Your grandmother's perfume. The coffee shop aroma. Your infant's hair. These all bring about a wonderful warm feeling and sweet memories, that bring pleasure and joy to our minds and hearts. What is more therapeutic than that?

Essential oils have powerful therapeutic components. And when used in therapeutic settings for specific purposes they reach their true potential. But never discount the benefits of diffusing or inhaling an oil simply because you love the aroma.

The pleasure of it is therapeutic enough...

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